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Website policy ginatfaiman
Last updated on 16/07/2020
Welcome to the website
The use set forth below in these Terms and Conditions is as follows: “The Terms and Conditions”
1. Terms of use of the site

1.1. The terms of use of the website below define, among other things, the manner of use of the website and also regulate the How to order and purchase
products and / or services through it.

2.1. The use of masculine language in the regulations and / or anywhere else on the site is done for convenience only and everywhere In these regulations
and / or on the website where the masculine language is used, the reference is also implicitly to the feminine.

3.1. Your use of the Website constitutes acceptance of the terms of these Terms and Conditions and the other terms that appear or will appear on the Website
When using. If you do not agree to any of the terms of the Terms and / or the additional terms on the Site, you please refrain from making any use of the
Site of any kind and type, including registration for the Services provided through the website, joining the customer club and / or purchasing products
through the website.

4.1. Please read the instructions for use and the regulations carefully and carefully, as they constitute a contract of engagement binding between you and
the “Ginat Faiman”, for all intents and purposes.

5.1 In any case of conflict between the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and information obtained from another source, provisions shall prevail
these Terms and Conditions.

6.1. The Terms of Use and / or these Terms and Conditions may change from time to time and the “Ginat Faiman” reserves the right update and / or change
them and / or cancel them, at its sole discretion. Please be sure to keep up to date In the provisions of the regulations.

7.1. The information contained in the site registers and / or in the “Ginat Faiman”computers will constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the
actions. performed through the site.

8.1. Wherever the “Ginat Faiman” is specified in these By-Laws, the reference is also to those on its behalf.

9.1 The “Ginat Faiman”makes efforts to ensure that the information displayed on the website is complete and accurate, however inaccuracies and / or errors
may appear in good faith and that the company will not bear any responsibility for the purposes of this information.

10.1. For any questions and / or clarifications and / or inquiries, you can contact the “Ginat Faiman” through the contact details provided below. In Article 7
of the Regulations.

2. How the site is used by the users:
Any person who uses the functions of the site, both directly and indirectly, including the visitor, the customer of the operation purchase in-store and / or for
any other use (hereinafter: “User” and / or “Customer”), declares, agrees and undertakes
Meet all of the following conditions:

1.2. Do not transfer, collect or make use of the contents and / or details and / or any other information available on the website, whether the said information
belongs to the “Ginat Faiman”or to a third party.

2.2. Do not upload to the site illegal content or images that show violence, (naked including parts),
Discrimination, content that harms third parties, pornographic or sexually suggestive content, content
Which include defamation, bullying, harassment, abuse, threats, impersonation or intimidation of people or entities, private or confidential information.
“Ginat Faiman” may terminate the use of a user who violates the above and / or is prevented from using the site in the future.

3.2. Do not make any use of the site for any purpose that is illegal, offensive to a terrorist who will interfere disrupt, change, destroy, damage, restrict,
sabotage or otherwise affect its proper operation
Of the Site in any way, including and without limitation, viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, malware or any other means or technology destroys or
otherwise disrupts.
3. The services offered on the site
1.3. The images displayed on the website are for illustration and that there may be differences between the appearance and specification of the product
and the picture.
2.3. “Ginat Faiman” may update the prices of the services provided on the site without the need for prior notice and at its sole discretion. The binding price
is the price of the product as delivered to the customer at the time completion of the registration and / or booking procedure.
3.3.” Ginat Feiman” may advertise and / or offer the users of the site promotions and / or discounts and any benefit otherwise under the conditions set by it
and at its sole discretion. “Ginat Faiman”will be allowed terminate any such benefit immediately and without prior notice.
4.3. Registration through the website and how to make the purchase
5.3 Filling in the required details on the website is a prerequisite for making the purchase. To ensure execution ordering quickly, efficiently and without
glitches, care must be taken to provide all the details accurately.
Responsibility for filling in the details applies to the customer only. “Ginat Faiman” and / or the store does not take responsibility for incorrect details entered.
6.3. Submitting false information is a criminal offense and doing so is subject to criminal proceedings.
And civilians. “Ginat Faiman” reserves the right to cancel an order in any case of submission of false information, partial or inaccurate.
7.3. The purchase through the website will be made using credit cards and PayPal Only, and subject to the approval of the transaction by the credit company.
In the event that the transaction is not approved the customer will receive a suitable notice from the credit company and his account will not be charged
for the transaction.
4. Cancellation of a transaction by the customer
1.4. The customer may cancel a transaction and receive a refund subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 1981
and including regulations by virtue of it (hereinafter: “the Law”), by giving written notice the cancellation of the order in any of the means of communication
specified in section 7 below in these regulations.
2.4. A customer may cancel a transaction, as written on the website under the category of return and cancellation policy
3.4. Refunds due to cancellation of a transaction will be made in accordance with the law and the means of payment from which the purchase was made
according to any law and according to the dates of the credit company.
4.4. No monetary credit will be given for products for which no monetary consideration has been paid such as gifts, benefits and the like.
5.4. Replacement of products with other products and / or against receipt of a credit will be done in an online store and / or in the studio
And subject to the presentation of an invoice for the execution of the transaction, and in accordance with the above dates.
5. Cancellation of transaction by “Ginat Faiman”
“Ginat Faiman” may cancel a transaction or sale in whole or in part in the following cases:
1.5. If an error occurred in the display of the item on the website and / or in the delivery of the product to the customer, whether in price the product and
whether in the product description and specifications.
2.5. If it is discovered that there has been a malfunction in the communication and / or any other technical problem which has disrupted the price the product
and / or product description.
3.5. In the event of prevention and / or delay due to force majeure, such as, but without detracting from the generality of the aforesaid:
Act of war, hostility, terrorism, cyber sabotage, intentional or unintentional malfunction at the store site, Strikes and Saturdays, exceptional natural events,
force majeure, global epidemic Faults in credit card clearing and any other reason that is not the result of an act or omission of the “Ginat Faiman”.
4.5. In case there is a concern that the purchase is made as part of a wholesale purchase and / or that the products purchased for resale by the buyer or
someone on his behalf.
5.5. If the service ends and / or there is no vacancy in a particular registration after or before the registration procedure.
6.5. When there is a concern, at the discretion of “Ginat Faiman” that the consideration for the purchase will not be received.
6. Intellectual Property and Copyright
1.6. The site and the content that appears on it, including the design of the site, drawings, designs, illustrations, music, photos, images, maps, audio clips,
videos, text, graphics, etc.) below:
“Information” (protected by the copyright laws of the State of Israel, international conventions and rights laws creators of other countries and belonging to
the “Ginat Faiman” and / or other third parties.
2.6 It is strictly forbidden to copy and / or reproduce and / or distribute and / or publish and / or display and / or use in information and / or take any action,
directly or indirectly, that constitutes an infringement or infringement of intellectual property of the “Ginat Faiman” including myself and / or commercially,
unless “Ginat Faiman” has expressly permitted this in writing
And in advance.
3.6. All intellectual property rights in connection with the information and / or the website), whether these are registered rights and whether the rights
before the patents, trademarks including the name “Feiman Garden”, the designs, copyrights, trade secrets, methods, manner of presentation and design of
the site and any matter or detail related to the site, are the exclusive property of “Ginat Faiman” and the use of all such rights Exclusively allowed operator.
7. Customer service
1.7 For details and inquiries regarding the operation of the site and its activity, you can contact “Ginat Faiman” at Hadudaim 1/47 Hadera
2.7 In the following details:
3.7 Email: (Please specify phone number when sending email).
8. Information security
1.8. The store takes reasonable precautions to maintain the confidentiality of the information as much as possible delivered to customers.
2.8. Every transfer of a credit card number from the website is done in an encrypted manner according to the DSS PCI standard and these details are not
recorded on the site and are not maintained by the “Ginat Faiman”. In cases beyond her control or resulting from force majeure, the store will not be liable
for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct that will be caused to the customer or someone on his behalf and / or if this information is lost or reaches a
hostile party and / or will be made in it unauthorized use.
3.8″Ginat Faiman” undertakes not to use the customer details registered on the site, but for my needs operation of the site only, and in order to enable the
execution of the transaction or registration in accordance with the instructions the regulations and for every law.
4.8. The customer undertakes not to make or attempt to make any change to the site and / or copying and / or downloading material stored on the site,
including by way of: “PageScrape”, “Robot”, “Link-Peep” “Spider” or any other method, algorithm or manual process similar and not download or copy and /
or transfer after material stored on the store’s site that is not intended for download and / or transfer try to gain access to transactions made by others
by any means (iV) do not take action any that may infringe on the intellectual property of the store, infringe on the privacy of other users, change information
on the site and / or harm the store’s site and / or its users, or any of them.
5.8. Without detracting from the generality of the aforesaid and without detracting from any remedy or other procedure, it is clarified that the store will be
may prevent access from a user who, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Store, has performed or attempted to perform any action on the Site in
violation of any law and / or the provisions of these Terms.
9. Privacy Policy on the Site
1.9. The privacy of the users of the site is important to the “Ginat Faiman”. to improve the privacy protection of visitors and / or the customers of the site,
the store provides this information regarding its privacy protection policy and about the options available to users during their stay on the site and as far
as the conduct of the site is concerned regarding information gathering.
2.9. “Ginat Faiman” and / or the store may provide personal information and / or information regarding the activity of the users of the site at the request
of a qualified legal entity due to legal proceedings, or in cases where the “Ginat Faiman” will consider, in good faith and in a fair manner, that the provision
of information is essential for the prevention or taking of appropriate actions For suspicious, illegal actions and / or for the purpose of assisting
government enforcement authorities and / or for the purpose protecting the security and use of the site’s customers as well as the proper and ongoing
management of the site.
3.9 If you are a visitor and / or customer and / or user who is outside the borders of Israel (please note) because you are transferring information, including
personal information, to a state and jurisdiction that has protection laws in place privacy and protection of information that is different from your jurisdiction,
and you agree to the transfer of the information to Israel and / or to any other country, and for the use and disclosure of information about you, including
personal information, as described in the policy this privacy.
4.9 In the information provided in order to place an order for a product, service or information, we use only for the purpose of performing the same task and
the tasks derived from it. The information is not passed on to anyone other. Information provided about another person for the purpose of sending a gift is
used for this purpose only. by any chance you sent us an email, we will use the email address from which you sent for the purpose of sending a return email
not for any other purpose, nor will we give the address to any other body.
5.9. In non-identifying information, i.e. information that cannot be attributed to a particular person, we make use of to improve our site and update our
commercial conduct and services, when information is not my name, it is also passed on to other parties, including our advertisers. For example: number
visitors to the site, the number of women who sign up for a particular questionnaire on the site, etc., but not every detail Information that personally
identifies the visitor to the site.
6.9. For any request for more information, you can contact “Ginat Faiman” directly under the “Contact Us” tab.
On the website or in the details specified in section 7 above in these regulations, and the Feiman Garden will endeavor to act accordingly please.
10. General conditions
1.10. The site as a whole includes all the information that appears on it and the underlying software is offered to the public.
(As Is)
2.10. The Site may include a link to sites or properties of third parties, including through advertisement, pictures or information. The information on the site may
include non-third-party content controlled and / or related to “Ginat Faiman”. For the avoidance of doubt ,”Ginat Faiman” will not be liable in any way which is
for the services or characteristics of a third party as stated above. Billy House may at its discretion Exclusive to remove any link from the site and / or add
additional links.
3.10. “Ginat Faiman” and / or the store and / or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect damage, consequential or special
caused to the user or a third party, as a result of use or purchase through the site, whatever the cause of action, including loss of income and / or deprivation of
profit that will result from any a reason that is to the customer and / or user of the site and / or another third party.
4.10. The customer will be solely responsible for the use and / or maintenance required of the product which purchased through the site, unless otherwise stated.
5.10. The store reserves the right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The last wording is binding.
6.10. The sale is not intended for wholesale sale and is not intended for resale (purchase quantity of products from the site for the purpose of selling them to
other customers). The user may make legal transactions, in good faith and for his personal use only, and not for any other purpose, including but not limited to,
for sale and / or playing without a permit on other sites, making idle orders, and purchases for the purpose of making them is for the sake of deception.
11. Choice of law and arbitration
1.11. The law applicable to these regulations, means, their validity, applicability and enforcement is the law of the State of Israel only. all Conflict or
disagreement between the parties “Ginat Faiman” in connection with these Terms, their implementation, meaning, applicability or validity, shall be provided,
exclusively and definitively, for arbitration to be conducted at the Israeli Institute of Business Arbitration in accordance with its rules, to deny any authority
of any court or other quasi-judicial body.
2.11. If, and according to law, it is determined that the decision will be transferred to a judicial decision and / or another kind of judicial decision, jurisdiction
of a competent court in the central region only. Legal law will apply in the State of Israel only.